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Monday, March 07, 2011

Rep. Wardlow Calls for Moral Gobbledygook Crapola

There's something immoral about Rep. Doug Wardlow (R-SD38) not wanting to pay taxes while receiving a salary from those same government taxes as a Minnesota Representative from Eagan. And something is really wrong when Doug Wardlow goes out of his way to imply that government providing for the poor, sick, seniors, children, veterans denies the opportunities for churches and neighbors to help them....How's that moral gobbledygook worked so far?

Brian Rusche of the Joint Religious Legislative Council does a good job of fielding Wardlow's leading questions. Doug Wardlow is trying to imply some kind immoral behavior if the Government helps it's own citizens. Wardlow wants the religious community to agree with his flawed logic that creating more poor for the wealthy to have an opportunity to help them is better than paying taxes.

Just another outrageous spin of nonsense... if Doug Wardlow was serious than he'd be advocating fair taxation across economic groups instead of having the middle class and poor disproportionately pay more than the wealthy and corporations. Based on Doug's moral logic...he would have taken issue with Jesus feeding the multitude and also sided with the temple money changers. Shame on him for evoking moral crapola.

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