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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mix and Match Wednesday

Slash and Burn the Middle Class and Poor, and Oh Yeah, Lie about it! The MN GOP know their budget is not good news for Minnesota communities, cities and citzens...so they decided to use fantasy numbers...as if the truth won't come out eventually.

Come on GOPers, let Minnesotans know based on real numbers what to expect with your budget instead of using the 'good ole boy' numbers taken from lobbyist that stand to gain from our pain.

On Monday the Minnesota Department of Revenue let Republican House Taxes Chair Greg Davids know his omnibus tax package would raise property taxes for homeowners and businesses across the state while making the tax system more regressive.

In other words, thier budget would make families feel more tax and fee pain while those making over $100,000 a year would receive tax breaks. In their own words: "...reductions for the wealthiest Minnesotans are substantially greater than for average Minnesotans" In the GOP alternate universe, the poor, seniors, minorities, women, and children are continually given the shaft while the weathly are treated as VIPs?

It's shouldn't come as a surprise that currently the corporate tax rates is at an astonishing high of negative 62.7%! How's that working out? Are you paying less taxes since businesses are paying none? When the GOP talks about 'shared sacrifice', they really means just among other Americans and not the wealthy and corporations.

More Minnesota Clowns Join The Circus! First it was MN Rep. John Kline supporting Pawlenty's run for the White House, and now Norm Coleman has jumped on the circus bandwagon...wonder what Michele 'Batcrazy' Bachmann is thinking? Even her ex-Chief of Staff is support Pawlenty! Bawhaaaaaaaa, I'm sure it's nothing personal.

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