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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'll Be Right Back

Last February I fell and broke my right ankle on both sides. It's been a very long healing process requiring surgery and lots of flat on my back in pain down time (damn my allergy to morphine!). This Friday I will undergo a final surgery (hopefully) to remove a screw that held the two bones in place (just leaving 7 screws and an eight inch plate woot!).  It will finally free me up to (1) start phys rehab, (2) drive again! yeah, and (3) hopefully start on a full recovery.

Most ankles break on just one side, the other side holding in place tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves...but mine broken on both, so I lost most of the tendons, ligaments...well you get the picture...I actually saw my foot point 180 degrees off...or more to the point my toes were pointing behind me...Ouch. So I can now look forward to a painful and stressful physical therapy utilizing electrodes, ultrasound and an ice-boot. (just imagine putting your leg in a bucket full of ice for 5 minutes).  But it's all part of the healing process which after months of down time, sounds just next to wonderful to me.

A lots of folks need thanking... from my family (bless you for being there helping during the great times and the very dark times) to friends with food, advice, rides, companionship, and books to read!  to a caring medical staff and a really competent surgeon (even if he made me live or survive in 2-4 week increments for the last 6 months! I suppose it help narrow the scope of what happen).

Due to the surgery, I won't be blogging again until late next week or the next. But I'll be back soon. I won't be wearing any high heel shoes but I never blogged in them anyway-)

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