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Friday, May 14, 2010

Yes Sir, Can I Have Another?

Bad Newspaper Reporters Rarely Get Fired!
We all know 'the strib' stopped functioning as a news organization with real resource and information...but even I was surprise at the depths it has fallen to...please read Rob Levine's post at the Clucking Stool...and weep for newspapers that once presented the truth in the form of news...but is no more...

So the very premise of the Strib's story "..bad teachers rarely get fired," first, isn't true, and second, is a meaningless statement given the methods used to hire teachers. The experts the story cites to justify its attitude turn out to be right wing operators who have been attacking teachers' unions for decades, only the Strib doesn't tell its readers this crucial fact. Nevertheless, reading the story, and the comments from readers, it is clear that it will be believed, and added to the arsenal of falsehoods used to attack teachers' unions.

Time To Turn The Table?
Who's in charge of this disaster and why? It's time to stand up, push back and just say no to Pawlenty. The UpTake has video of Sen. Marty calling out Pawlenty : "You broke the law...now it's your turn to fix it." But my question is...why aren't everyone of our representatives doing the same? Get loud, demand Pawlenty does his job or step down!
"No we're not going to take this anymore, Governor it's your problem, you broke
the law, we offered a solution and you broke the law rather than respond to
that. Now it's your turn to fix it."

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