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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pawlenty of Nothing

When a community experiences tragedy like the bridge collapsing over the Mississippi River in Minnesota in August, they can pull together or go down in flames. Apparently Minnesota's Governor Pawlenty is a card carrying member of the latter group. While Minnesotans and their elected representative want transportation resolutions to ensure adequate funding and repairs, Tim Pawlenty continues to be an obstructionist.

In many ways it that kind of behavior that lead to a bridge collapsing and the resulting injuries and death. Pawlenty's failure to compromise, to raise taxes or at least set a reasonable budget that meets the needs of local government, and to find resolutions has brought us to the brink abandoning local governments and bridges falling down. Instead of calling a special session and building bridges to the future, Pawlenty once more stand in the way of progress.

Toady's Star Tribune quotes Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak by saying he [R.T] is going to have to walk into the U.S Conference of Mayors meeting this weekend and tell them that while "other states are taking this seriously, but our state, where people died, is doing nothing".

Once again, Pawlenty of nothing.

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