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Monday, September 17, 2007

Airport Restroom Signaling Techniques For Dummies

There's a new red hot attraction drawing travelers from all over into Minnesota. All the 'in' people want to be seen and have their pictures taken there. The multitude of travelers gather round with their camera phones clicking while they pose in front of (and inside) the men's restroom at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport!?!

Yes, travelers in an attempt to forget about the daily threat of terrorism at the MSP airport now brave other like-travelers and potential terrorist to view the notorious men's restroom (better know as the Craig's Room) with the hopes of glimpsing...what? I'm guess here but perhaps they want to be at ground zero of where the wide stance and foot tapping all started.

Still such a trip down restroom memory lane is not without risk. Who knows what sting operation is in place by local police in an effort to net more adults 'hooking up'? While crime is festering all over, rest assured the MSP bathroom is....well...sort of safe...that is. if you don't tap your foot. Who knew that was a 'signal'.

So what other signals are there? Could using the hand dryer be a sign? Or pumping the soap dispenser more than once be a sign? What if I take the time to put on lipstick? Is it possible I'm sending a message to an undercover officer that I'm looking for a lesbian lover?

This latest Minnesota tourist attraction raises some interesting quests such as...

Will the airport start charging admittance to the infamous restroom? Will there be a 'airport restroom signaling techniques for dummies' book? Who's watching the terrorist if the police are all in the restroom? Is it really a crime to arrange a rendezvous between two consensual adults while in a bathroom? Will they be posting future 'threat levels' specifically for all MSP airport restrooms?

Wide stance aside, enquiring minds want to know.

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