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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not Off In LaLa Land - SD38's Picnic

I attended SD38’s annual picnic yesterday in Eagan. You could have fried an egg on the cement from the stifling heat…but the turn out by local Democrats was great.

Mark Dayton gave a rousing speech about how the current republicans in office and the Bu$h administration say they want to build a consensus and bi-partisan government, but they really don't. To them bi-partisan means 'do it our way' or 'you’re being partisan or an obstructionist'. It's about press talking points but not about what's really happening. This behavior is highlighted by CD2's Congressman John Kline’s own record verses his words. While saying he wants to reach out and work for Minnesotans, his partisan voting record speaks for itself.

So to all the talking heads that tell us 'we need to be bi-partisan' (but they don't), being a partisan isn’t a sin in itself…I read this great blog entry from Jane Hamsher posted up at firedoglake entitled “I’m Proud to be a Partisan”. ...It pointed out there are things too important to compromise or give away…

The need to fight right now to restore the Constitution and end the war is strong, and that means some people are going to have to take a stand against a ruthless and intractable opponent. We need to rally behind them and acknowledge their heroism rather than stand back and allow others to tear them down as “partisans” for their willingness to do so. Because sometimes fighting is the right thing to do.

I’m proud to be a partisan.

The article touched on the points Dayton made in his speech, “He’s proud to be a partisan’ and anyone who thinks they can reach a compromise with the Bush administration et al (Kline/Bachman) hasn’t been around the last six years and is off in some kind of lala land.

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