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Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday's Mixer

Remember when newspapers actually reported the news instead of having fluff spreads? I do, but really, those times are beginning to fade much like the Strib's readership.

Three pages of fluff on the madwomen Bachman…Hello? No-one wants to read more fiction parlay as news? Eric Black shows us another side of the red queen in which her darkness threatens even her own party members. Bachman chants “you will pay”…and certainly Minnesotans have and will continue while she's in office. How about a three page spread on her weak record and religious insanity.

Dressing For Success
Sure it was 95 degrees, but why should Hillary be dressing comfortable? In the interest of fairness will The Washington Post now be reviewing the size of Obama and Edwards’s ‘packages’?

Corny Story
There is more acreage planted with corn in our nation than ever before…and the yield is double per acre from 25 years ago. But climatologist are now saying there’s a problem with that regarding dew points and power boost to storms…

"I strongly suspect that changes in agricultural methods — particularly in the area of corn production — are playing a major role in this by adding more water vapor to the lower atmosphere of the Upper Midwest."

Can I get another please
Delay said that illegal immigrants are filling jobs because Americas are aborting babies (no really I don’t make this stuff up!). Probably the most stupid logic since Bush asked us to go shopping to stop terrorism.

Gosh if only I didn’t have that abortion, then my non-existent child could be working as a housekeeper today…

How can the gutless have a ‘gut feeling’?

Cutting new teeth
Will this Congress actually do something about Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolton? When?

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