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Monday, October 31, 2005

Something to be proud of ?

Do you ever watch the news and wonder what caused someone to do something. You know what I mean. When the news is on and the top story is so senseless that you just wonder what motivated the criminal to do it.

Sunday, I had that feeling. The funny thing about it was that it was from reading the newspaper. The feeling wasn't from a criminal - it was from a person's opinion piece. I was flipping through the pages of the Star Tribune and stopped on a page with an opinion piece wrote by Katherine Kersten. It was about Paul Wellstone. I read it and felt a sinking unbelief and sadness drop inside of me, like it was a lead ball.

Here's a link to the article (read it):
Event was proof that the personal isn't always political

The opinion piece left me wondering what would cause someone to write such a unfeeling, unkind article? What would motivate the writer?

Those questions led to more:

If Katherine has children, would they be proud of Mom's article?
(a thought) If Katherine truly listened to the memorial with her heart she would have heard what Wellstone's sons thought of their parents - the love and respect they had and showed.

I can only hope that Katherine knows such love and respect.

(more questions came)
Did Ms. Kersten truly know the hearts of those at the memorial - those who planned the event?
Did she try to understand the memorial? Understand the people?
Did she have empathy?

(another thought)
Paul was Ms. Kersten's Senator as well. I'm sure, if roles were reversed, Paul would have treated her memory with respect and honor. I'm sure Paul would have attended her memorial service and if things went a little off course - I'm sure he would of understood and empathized with the people and situation.

Thoughts and questions ran through my mind all day. It ate at me.
I wanted to understand what the motivation was...

I got online and looked the article up on Star Tribune's website. I noticed a letter from a reader in response to Ms. Kersten's opinion piece.

Here's its link:
Right won't end its jabs at those who mourn

Susan's response said it perfectly. Not only was it a perfect response, it was also truthful, heartfelt and respectful.

I really feel sorry for people who think the worst of others. How lonely and empty they must be.

There's a popular country song which always makes me reflect on the respect and pride I have for loved ones - it's called "Something to be proud of"

I just wonder if Katherine Kersten feels her words in the above opinion piece are something to be proud of?


truthsurfer said...

Funny how Kerten's article about grief and death is in itself presented for politcal gain...Kerten managed to manlipulate it to appear that Wellstone's dying made liberals bad and Republicans the victims. What's next? Is up really down? Imagine the arrogance to speak about political gain when that has been the forte of this administration regardless of the catalyst...

Least we forget Bu$hCo shamelessly using 911 deaths and American's grief to enter a pre-emptive war in Iraq...Or that Teri Schiavo wasn't allowed to die with dignity because she was made into a politcal football to gather extremist support and votes from radical christian right.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!