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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blame Game?

Senator Thomas Neuville (Senate District 25) continues to play blame game at a community forum held in Lonsdale (Oct. 17).
Tom looked tired. Tom looked impatient. Tom looked upset.

Senator Neuville played the blame game on Monday, October 17th at a community forum held by the Lonsdale Area Chamber of Commerce. The forum was held to mainly highlight the local mayoral and city council races. Senator Thomas (Tom) Neuville and Stat House Rep. Ray Cox were also invited to give a report on last sessions activities and then answer questions.

Neuville was asked to come up to the podium first. He insisted that Rep. Cox join him, but the moderator said no Mr. Cox will come up next. Neuville gave a lack luster report and when he ran out of things to say he asked for Mr. Cox to join him and answer questions (the question period of the forum wasn't supposed to take place till the end of the forum) - the moderator quickly jumped in and said that the question part was at the end and right now Mr. Cox would give his report.

Jumping forward to the questions period...
The first question was asked to both Rep. Cox and Senator Neuville. A woman stood up with a statement that was followed by her question: The State shutdown didn't really affect myself or my family, but I know that there were families that were really impacted by the Shutdown - State Employees. Did either of you take pay during the shutdown. Mr. Cox took the lead and explained how they get paid: salary, paid over a 12 month period. During a shutdown we are given a perdium. "I did not take it"... (but they still got paid the salary) - Neuville added that he didn't take the perdium neither. Cox did mention that they got reimbursed for expenses during that time.

Neuville blamed the "leadership" for the shutdown. Latter after that statement he admitted "I'm second in command of the Republican caucus"... he mentioned that he and his caucus were working on a promissory note that a shutdown would not happen again. Why would you need to promise that something won't happen again if you weren't a part of the reason for it???

All throughout the forum Neuville defended the Governor, blamed the Democrats - at one point saying "it was the Senate Democrats fault".

Another highlight was when Neuville mentioned the numerous "ugly" e-mails he received. "I added them all to my list and have sent them updates throughout the shutdown"... During the shutdown I sent Mr. Neuville an e-mail and haven't been added to his list nor have I been given the respect of a response ... Oh by the way it was a very nice e-mail, not ugly at all.

Both Neuville and Cox said that they would support a Twins Stadium if brought back in a Special Session. Neuville invoked the anti-gay unions amendment that "would more than likely come up in a special session"...

Senator Neuville took no responsibility for the Shutdown. He stood on partisan lines. When I think of what I'd like to see my Senator do, it surely doesn't include playing a childish game of blame.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see that voters are still asking about the shutdown. Too often their memory is as long as a flea's body or Neuville's version of MN's shutdown history.

Next time you see him, ask him if he believes in personal responsibility, then ask him about his role in the shutdown.

Anonymous said...

What's with this anonymous bit? Both writer and commenter... Are you in Neuville's and Cox's district? You're raising issues that need to be raised but why won't you claim them proudly?

Carol Overland