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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Next Wave Building

From L'Fant Plaza Hotel, Washington DC 3rd Annual Peace Conference...

One goal, a Department of Peace.
To change the status quoWe don't have to accept the of violence, hate, war, destruction…
I want to make an impact on the world…for my family, friends, neighbors, community.
There is another way. A new wave of peace, building, gathering more power, spilling over with life...

Active in 46 states

265 congressional team leaders out of 440 congressional districts

40 states represented at peace conference

Strong showing from Japan and Canada

The time has come to call forth from each and everyone for the compassion, the loving, the understand and the spirit to bring about a shifting of the collective consciousness that will lead us in this new wave of peace.

Change is from thinking there is another wave.

Every surfer knows the best rideis always the next wave coming in. Wax up the boards, it's coming.

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