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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Four Letter Word Beginning with F

While in WA DC last week for the National Peace Alliance Conference, I took a walking during lunch...and ended up in front of the Radisson Select Hotel.

Folks were rolling out of their supersized SUVs and shiny black town cars in formal wear that sported their best jewels. It seemed like a pretty swanky affair for 2 PM... but not wanting to appear too 'small town' like... I continued on my walk around the hotel's circular drive.

It really wasn't until I saw the numerous tux attired secret service guys with their ear wires that curiousity got the better of me. I decided to go inside to find out what was happening.

Imagine my surprise when the reader board in the lobby said:

Welcome to FEMA
National Appreciation Week!

So while Louisiana and Mississippi are still recovering bodies, still in the thoes of a crisis, still digging out, still trying to recover their lost souls...FEMA muckeups eat, drink and make merry in the safety of a four star hotel.

I couldn't get close enough to see the guests but with all the secret services there had to be some politico A-list attendees, maybe even Dubya and Brownie (his hand picked minon)! Certainly nobody was mourning or sad. There were no tears to be found among the laughter of these party goers, no thoughts for victims who have lost everything including their loved ones, family, friends and neighbors.

.… there will be a special place in hell for these people who can toast champagne and eat pate while others suffer and cry...
burn baby burn.


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Jim said...

Sometimes these things are so absolutely incredible you just couldn't make them up if you tried. Keep up the great work !