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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Route 66 Roadside: Pets

As most know, we are traveling historic Route 66 from Chicago to California. Currently we are in New Mexico...with us are our dogs who are the best travelers...
Dot and Burrito

Dot and Burrito on Route 66
When we started down Route 66, we had our two mixed Boston-Rat Terriers (Brats!). They are siblings, brother and sister, who we've had for the last ten years so this isn't their first trip. They love going to new places and staying in hotel rooms...seemingly without emotional issues.

Naturally we bring their most favorite toys, treats, and bedding with us. We also make sure they get water and food regularly as well as exercise. Basically the same we do for ourselves. They should feel comfortable, safe and secure... with theirs needs being met just like when they are at home.

Dogs will surprise you in that they are very adaptable, curious and when they feel secure will make the best explorers.

CoCo holding Tiki Man,,,Latest family dog!
A couple of days ago, a week into our trip... in Erich OK, we found a starved, dirty, flea ridden and scared little puppy in a dumpster...We fed him, cleaned him up, gave him medicine...and now he's part of the family...so there's three of us...and three little dogs...now traveling down Route 66...

Along the way, there's lots of motels and hotels, rest stops, RV parks and campsites that are pet friendly...also stores that carry food, medicine, and dog items...so by all means take the family pet with you..they deserve a vacation too! I've even seem a 'horse friendly' motel along the route!

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