I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Back

Well after a long and length stay at the happy haven rest home, I'm back to blogging...Once or twice a week I'll starting posting again about topics of interest to me...But I'm remiss...let me bring you up to date with my personal life...After working (it seems like forever) I will be retiring within the next year, selling the house and taking the show to the road...literally...I'm getting an RV packing up or selling off everything and going to travel the road for awhile...

Yes it's very similar to that time I followed the grateful dead around for a year (or was that several years?) and yes I plan to figure out how to raise a few coins to support my misadventure but no...instead of the old school bus...I'll have a newer RV and yes the dogs and some of the kids will be coming with...

So fasten your seat beats, we're about to pull into the fast lane!

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