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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Minnesota's Governor Pawlenty Fiddles While Rome Burns

Pawlenty wants to build a sports stadium during a funding crisis where more than 88 percent of superintendents said education quality will continue to degrade if action isn't taken now. Yeah that's the ticket, let's build a stadium when home foreclosure rates are up 56% from the year before and where the state has lost 4,100 jobs in December alone...

Minnesota, under Pawlenty's lack of leadership, has dropped to a 37th rank in student-to-teacher ratio and 39th ranked employment growth. Now instead of using time and effort to bring Minnesota back into the top performing states in regards to jobs, education, health care, and transportation, Pawlenty is advocating that the state could help fund a viking stadium with public finance through lottery money and other means. WTF?

Minnesotan children can't afford school books (yes it's true many classrooms have children 'sharing' school books because they couldn't afford enough for each child), and while the cost of colleges is prohibitive to many working families, and Minnesota jobs have disappeared, and we've lost homes and can't put food on the table or care for our veterans and elderly...Pawlenty thinks we should build a new stadium for owner Zygmunt Wilf, a New Jersey real estate developer billionaire.

Just makes me want to cry....

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