I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Stories All Run Together

Everyday there are stories...images that paint our world...

The Lost Soul:
Enuff said: Suspect Was to Be Sent to Afghanistan

Many blue dogs are opposed to health care for Americans because they are fiscally responsible…or so the story goes...but if that is really the reason then why does the majority of them still support the occupation in Afghanistan. It's costs are higher and deeper than providing health care …so why the difference?

The Choir:
“Government without revenue results in falling bridges and lousy schools and crime and bad health care. “ -digby

They drank the Koolaid:
“Rep. Bachmann is smart, beautiful and conservative” –PowerLine Boys

The Imaginary Things:
Non-lunatic GOP

The Angels:
Appearing at a protest of Condi Rice! This Sunday, Nov 8, at 5:15PM, Beth El Synagogue, St. Louis Park

I'm worn down and my spirit is thin ...but I'm still here...trying...have a nice weekend...hope to see you Sunday at the protest...

Follow your common sense
You cannot hide yourself behind a fairytale forever and ever
Only by revealing the hole truth can we disclose
The soul of this bulwark forever and ever
Forever and ever
Indoctrinated minds so very often
Contain sick thoughts
And commit most of the evil they preach against
Don't try to convince me with messages from God
You accuse us of sins committed by yourselves
It's easy to condemn without looking in the mirror
Behind the scenes opens reality
Eternal silence cries out for justice
Forgiveness is not for sale
Nor is the will to forget
Virginity has been stolen at very young ages
And the extinguisher loses it's immunity
Morbid abuse of power in the garden of eden
Where the apple gets a youthful face
You can't go on hiding yourself
Behind old fashioned fairytales
And keep washing your hands in innocence

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