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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pawlenty: Do As I Said Not As I Get!

So ex-MN governor...er...well AWOL Governor Pawlenty said on ABC's Top Line that if in charge he would 'opt-out' of public health care for Minnesota...

CHALIAN: But you would lead a charge in your state to opt out if that was an option available?
PAWLENTY: I think so because I don’t like government run health care.

So--pawlenty currently is covered under government provided healthcare...after all his healthcare is provide by the state of Minnesota...and he's on record as supporting Medicare and Medicaid in the past...but now...doesn't want that (public coverage for anyone...else?)...

Seems to me that Pawlenty will do anything...say anything...support anything if it gets him elected to national office...Someone should inform him that ethics, morals and values doesn't blow with the wind...and especially when he's harping against the very thing he has...government sponsored healthcare!

Message to Pawlenty... if like you say 'you personally would like to opt out', I'm sure Minnesotans would thank you for saving their hard earn tax dollars by dropping your health insurance!

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