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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Holy Cow Called T-Paw

If you just talk to your neighbors or any other group of Minnesotans then this isn't much of a surprise.

"The poll shows that only 30 percent of adults want to see the two-term governor make a try for the White House three years from now, while 55 percent do not."

In fact, most of us want the governor to deal with the massive budget problems by working with other elected officials. Unfortunately for Minnesotan's T-Paw is AWOL as Governor.

At the very least Timmy should return his salary while traveling everywhere but Minnesota in search of a new position. He was elected and paid to do a job. To take the money and not do the job is defrauding us all. If I did that while collecting a work paycheck I'd be out on my kister, Instead T-Paw doesn't even make an attempt to 'phone it in'...

It's no wonder Minnesotan's don't want him for President.

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