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Thursday, May 08, 2008


I've watched the Presidential race. I've heard the media and talking heads discuss the issue of race and racism. Many that I've seen have said that our country has made huge progress. Some have even said that race is not a factor in the Presidential election. I'm afraid the idea that we've made progress is a lie.

Tonight I heard that there are people that have stated if Obama is the Democratic nominee that they would not vote for him. Why? Not because of his stance on health care, the war or any other issue. The reason is the color of his skin. To even think someone would have enough guts to admit this is in itself a scary thought.

Racism is alive and we shouldn't be surprised.

Let's be clear - if you will not vote for Barack Obama because he is an African American (because of the color of his skin), you are a racist!
My question to those racists is "What are you afraid of?"

It must be hard living with so much fear and hate.

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