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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Boots on the Ground' or 'Dog And Pony Show'?

There's an interview with Steve Sarvi, candidate in Minnesota's Second Congressional District, posted up at mnblue. If you haven't read anything on Steve Sarvi, take a look at the interview...Basically it points to a 'boots on the ground' person verses the Kline 'dog and pony' show. Finally a candidate with a solid history of service to the community and county that will be able to cut through Kline's smoke and mirrors image.

One of the key differences highlighted by mnblue besides health care, vet support and education, is about Kline's recent announcement he will no longer work for earmarks for Minnesotans:

On transportation, Sarvi asserts that Kline has not done the job needed. Republicans have neglected our infrastructure at the state and national level and Kline has gone along with it. Kline's vow to fore go any earmark's in 2008particularly baffles Steve.

"We've got a bridge in Hastings over the Mississippi that's in danger of falling down and now is when we need a Representative in Congress who will deliver the district an earmark and get this bridge rebuilt. Our infrastructure is crumbling all over the district and Kline has done nothing. This wouldn't be some kind of bridge to nowhere, it's desperately needed."

"Look, I'm not scared of spending money. There are many things we need to spend money on like that bridge in Hastings. I'm more concerned with wasting money."

In a Friday commentary piece in the Star Tribune, Steve Sarvi takes John Kline to task for his new-found opposition to requesting federal funds for important Minnesota projects. Contrary to the image that John Kline has cultivated, he isn't representing Minnesotans when he continues to play partisan politics such as voting against funding to rebuilding I35W bridge.

Kline's record for the past several terms shows a disturbing picture of his major support for big oil companies, war profiteers, and blind allegiance to the Bush administration. With Kline's announcement last week that he won't be working toward funding Minnesota projects,and the emergence of a strong DFL candidate like Steve Sarvi, perhaps the Kline 'dog and pony' show has come to an end.

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