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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sometimes Politics of Hope has to FIGHT

Dear Senator Obama,

Sometimes the politics of hope has to roll up its sleeves and go after the “establishment”. I have been supporting John Edwards, and as of late I have been looking more into your campaign. I want to vote for the candidate that has the most courage to get things done, to stand up and speak truth to power and bring power to truth.

It’s time that politics of hope takes the fight to the politics of the Washington insider. It’s time that you become the aggressor and go after the endorsement. It’s time to prove everyone wrong about the front-runner being “the chosen one”. For politics of hope and change to have a chance, you must fight harder and stronger starting NOW.

It would be a tragic shame if you loose due to not putting all of your heart and soul into this campaign. It would be sad to see that when all it would have taken was courage to stand up and fight for hope and change and all of those that support it, not to have happened.

NOW is the time for TRUE leaders to show their courage and fight with all of their hearts and souls.
Have no regrets when the dust settles.

We need a TRUE, HOPE filled, and COURAGEOUS Leader.
Now is the time. Please do not waist a minute!

Sometimes the politics of hope has to fight!

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for putting into print my thoughts. Let's hope the Democratic candidates get it.